Fire Danger Levels

Winkler Fire Department Response Area Current Fire Danger Level – DL (due to the time of season and adequate moisture, updates will not be posted again till spring of 2020)

DL0 to 2 – Controlled burning allowed, fireworks permits may be issued, burn permits may be issued, recreational firepits permitted

DL3 – No controlled burning allowed, burn permits cancelled, recreational fireworks permits cancelled, recreational firepits are permitted

DL4 – No controlled burning allowed including burning barrels, burn permits cancelled, fireworks permits cancelled

Fire Pit Ban – Recreational firepits may be prohibited after 3 consecutive days of DL 4

Until green-up, Burn Ban implementation for the WFD response areas (see map below) will be based on the Manitoba Government Provincial Fire Program Fire Danger Level found at the following Morden weather station link . Fire Danger Levels – Morden Station

Note: Implementation of burn bans may differ slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction because of land use. Differences in cultivated land to pasture land and grass land can be quite different.

Note: All controlled burning and installation/use of recreational fire-pit must be done in accordance to local jurisdictional burning bylaws (see links at the bottom of the page)

A sign similar to the one found below will be present in front of the Winkler fire hall starting in spring 2020, and will have an arrow identifying the fire danger level


               Map of WFD Response Areas (City of Winkler & Ward 1 RM of Stanley)


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